What cheat should I buy

I’ve used onetap and aimware before and onetap is definitely better. But aimware seems to get more updates. I think I should get onetap but I want more opinions on this. Thanks :slight_smile:

Get good, Get Neverlose :grinning:


i would say, wait till Neverlose is out.

you can(i wouldnt lol) buy a Fatality invite (pls no) or get invited to Fatality by a friend. i mean, its something different but… in my opinion not a good cheat(Config,Playstyle related) but better than Aimware :smiley:

If you are looking for a decent cheat, that is pretty easy to get, go and try to get an invite or apply at ev0lve.xyz. They have made a pretty good cheat. Kinda bipolar. But when it doesnt miss, its p.
But I would just wait to get neverlose.cc and dont waste my money on other cheats.

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oh lol forgot a word

I would like to say I prefer to use ot rather than aimware

bro i don’t really think you should be asking what cheats to buy on a literal cheat providers website?
Seems a bit weird to me

So your focus should ofc be at neverlose :wink:
but I wouldnt recommend you onetap, in my opinion its not that good. But its your decision what youre buying. (:

Wait on neverlose or just get invited to skeet and never have to touch any other cheat again.

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