What courses are the best for programming languages?

What free programming courses are the best in your guyses opinions for python, and c++?

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Are you learning c++ for game hacking or infrastructure


Very true, but still can guide him onto the right path depending on what he wants to use it for.

Developing programs ( Not cheat clients ) I intend on using programming as a job opportunity

c++ , с# , python .

Well first I’d advise you to obviously go to learncpp.com and start learning from there while also following along with whatever IDE you use. After you’ve got a decent grip on it, you can start looking at github repos related to whatever you wanted to make and see how they handled it and eventually it’ll stick to you, for python I can’t say much, docs is always your friend though.

с++ better

and c++ is a growing field so if you do take up the language you’ll be able to work for some known companies hiring, and since it’s near summer you’ll have all the time you need to be able to atleast make a decent scaled program after a few months, just don’t cut corners when learning :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on what you’re going for python is mostly used for machine learning and things dealing with analytics, and is easier to understand (for me i guess)

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i use c#


it depends on many things
but i recomend c++ and c#