What exactly is an animation bug due to cs2 update?

NL is not updated yet and I haven’t used sk, so I don’t know the details

Now SK heard that they can’t properly resolve aa like pitch jitter and it seems like this is an animation bug

The animation bug is due to the update of cs2
Does it mean that mismatches of character models and actual hit boxes shown when using a specific jitter like Pitch jitter occur, making it difficult to get head shots?
(I think it’s a problem with the game bug rather than the cheat bug)

As if I missed the shot when the NL was a certain custom pitch + yaw jitter before the update.

Is the update taking a long time because they’re working on how to fit the actual hitbox in NL at this time? (ig if it not fixed it will make “poor user experience”)

(Ofc need to fix the nospread and magic bullet, too.)

Well, now that I see it
I guess, anime bug is just talking about the character stopping and slipping from afar?

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Apart from this, is it another bug to miss pitch jitter?

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Yeah I feel that would definitely ruin the “user experience”, hope they figure it out soon but it’d be nice to not deal with genies