What was your rank before you started hacking

mine was LEM

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no1 asked

Master Guardian 1

mine was DMG then i started using x22 then omniaim but dogshit cheats now i use OT and AW until one day the invite fall from heaven xD :slight_smile:

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do you understand that,if you keep spamming useless threads,it doesn’t increase your chance to get invited,anyway you will need a friend who can invite you.

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lucky you xd

i know :slight_smile:

you’re wasting your time mate making useless threads get it through your thick skull you most likely will never get your hands on the russian master craft software



really? It seems like it was a one-time incident + quite a few months have passed


silver 4

Supreme never got to global but shortly after spending 19Euro i was there :sunglasses: :sunglasses: