Why am i lagging?

Hello, When using neverlose csgo i lag sometimes not fps or ping but i will just tp when moving. And the bhop will just stop working.

Netgraph is fine.
Fps is fine. 130/200.
Ping is fine 10-50

I have no luas on. Fake lag is on 4 to 8 depending on the round. dt is only on when i need it same goes for hideshots/fakeduck. (servers i play range from 5v5 to 10v10.)

Any idea what this is? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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try to test it without cheat. Maybe cs go issue. I had year ago issue that i was teleporting or freezing for a sec sometimes 1ce in round, was cs issue.

I tried again today and its fine but after a while it started to do it again… Pretty sure its an inject issue :man_shrugging:

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maybe too many visuals? try other cfg. try creating new cfg and see if there is an issue… I dont know any other thing that can help

u fixed it ?