Why do you cheat?

I always see legits asking this, I will now do the same.


Simple, I love it.

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Cuz I’m retarded enough to ruin the experience of others by being a dick and cheating but then i remember that the game is trash :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Bored and at home why else would you do it :wink:

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its fun to abuse the horrible system that is called vac and vacnet.


First time looking at this topic I thought some legit player made a acc here and posted this :joy:


You can’t cheat on vac secured servers, this post must be a troll because if you do try and cheat the vac police will ban u from csgo.

because it’s fun :smiley:

I agree even though legits say it’s not I agree

yeah but others have cheat also and most of hvh players go on hvh servers only mm is no fun for a real good hvh player

fun to see legit people go crazy