Return to v2?

The update gives me a headache so go back to v2 thanks

  • Go back to v2
  • Stay with v3

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They removed like half of the api too

What exactly did they remove? I didn’t notice anything missing yet.

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they removed nothing, only added


they made the dt worse imo, the fakelag on dt feature is fucking useless

the new api is great wdym, only thing I see removed is the paster’s favorite overridedtspeed

Maybe im just blind but nonetheless I find these documentations uneasy with all emojis

Regardless why does the callbacks have me set back 70% of my fps? Or have I just not realised how to call them properly

dunno my fps is fine 2022-08-30 01-26-33_Trim

Yall wanted an update and we go back? Nice iq

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wheres antiaim.getinverter()


V3 is Fine, just get lua’s

but isnt that different? because that doesnt change with jitter its bound to the inverter?

calculate it with real/fake yaw (antiaim:get_rotation(true/false))
that’s how i was doing it before, better than get inverter state

Oh yeah thanks ahah

wym headache? there’s less sections overall and it looks nicer.

you talking about some of the options only being accessible by the little cog wheel? If so then yeah, some of the placements are a bit weird.

Imo dt is now good on ideal tick only sweaters that can’t peek normally even on legits
but still everything that is after update sucks
damn Lucky Charms can tap me and I can’t do shit to it
before update cheat was better

ye menu placements are really weird